The Healthcare Private Equity Association ("HCPEA") is a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to support the reputation, knowledge, and relationships of the healthcare private equity community. Our member firms are committed to building successful enduring healthcare businesses that "do well" while also "doing good."

HCPEA's 85 member firms are among the best known, most respected private equity firms in the world.  Our members employ over 800 investment professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Collectively, HCPEA's member firms have over $3 trillion AUM and represent one of the largest portfolios of privately held healthcare-related businesses encompassing services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, devices among other sectors.

Founded in 2010, HCPEA was the first sector-focused trade association in private equity.  The Association strives to promote a greater understanding of private equity's contribution to the healthcare economy. We do this by supporting initiatives that make healthcare an appealing sector for investment, promoting institutional/limited partner investment within the sector, investing in the professional development of our members, and facilitating interaction among our members and the larger healthcare investment community.


Brian Miller
Founder, Healthcare Private Equity Association

The passage of the PPACA in 2010 set in motion a massive transformation of the healthcare system which will continue into the next decade.  Brian believed the timing was right for a community of investment professionals devoted to creating sustainable, healthcare businesses.  He founded HCPEA to support the reputation, knowledge, and education of the healthcare private equity community.

Brian Miller is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based healthcare and life sciences private equity fund.

He has been focused on healthcare private equity since 1998 when he was a founding member of the healthcare team at First Chicago Equity Capital (currently JP Morgan). Mr. Miller began his career in the investment banking division of Salomon Brothers, Inc. (currently Citigroup). He has served on a number of boards: BarrierSafe Solutions International, CORPAK Medsystems, HYCOR BioMedical, SeraCare, Life Sciences Strata Pathology, and Suture Express.

Mr. Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School with a concentration in healthcare. He is a Board Member of AdvaMedDx, the founder of Private Equity Analysts of Chicago, a Trustee of the Latin School of Chicago, and a member of the Economic Club of Chicago.